The Kentucky Population Research Center (KPRC) is the state’s designated agency for the Census Bureau’s Federal-State Cooperative Program for Local Population Estimates. The KPRC works in cooperation with the Census Bureau’s Program Branches to produce population estimates. The KPRC is housed within the Kentucky State Data Center.

The Census Bureau begins the process of preparing population estimates by updating population information from the most recent census with information found in the annual administrative records of Federal and state agencies. The Federal agencies provide tax records, Medicare records and some vital statistics information. The KPRC supplies vital statistics and information about group quarters (e.g. college dorms, prisons, job corp centers). All of this data is combined to produce current population estimates consistent with the last decennial census count.

The Kentucky Population Research Center’s main objectives are:

  • Promotion of cooperation between the states and the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Preparation of a set of consistent and jointly prepared county and subcounty estimates with complete state coverage
  • Assurance of highest quality estimates through the use of established methods, comprehensive data review and thorough testing
  • Reduction of duplication in the production of population estimates and improvement of communication among the groups compiling population figures
  • Improvement and advancement of techniques and methodologies and the encouragement of joint research efforts
  • Enhancement of the recognition of local demographic work