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    KSDC is pleased to assist private, corporate, and nonprofit citizens of Kentucky with locating data they need for analysis and decision making.


    A private developer might call our office looking for population projections. A  government office may email KSDC seeking information about a certain subset of the population that will be affected by a new policy. Nonprofit agencies often call KSDC searching for the demographic data they need to complete a grant proposal.  We even help desperate student find the data they need to finish a report due in class at 8AM the next morning.

    Data retrieval services are cheerfully provided without charge.

    Sometimes requests go beyond data retrieval. The needed information may not be in a readily download-able format or requires analysis beyond the time constraints or capabilities of the organization requesting the data.  In those cases, a KSDC staff member will consult with the customer to create a needs-based, customized work product. Fees for such services vary by the degree of complexity and time requirements of the project.

    Through the integration of our educational mission and our public service mission that brings together faculty, staff and students, KSDC can offer a wide range of services at costs below that of many private sector consultants offering similar services. This structure benefits everyone involved, especially the students whose learning expands beyond the classroom.

    To talk with a staff member about your data and analysis needs call 502-852-7990, e-mail us at ksdc@, or contact any staff member directly by following the link on the “Staff” tab.